Thursday, June 7, 2012

Small Blessings!

Well ..... Bugz got a physical today.  Doc was so shocked on how much he has grown.  He was used to seeing Bugz so often and now it is few and far between!  We are so blessed!!!  Wahoo!! 
Picture Perfect!

I wonder what the tank is on now?

I looked down in the monsoon of the rain we had and my tank was on 0.  REALLY???  We prayed to get to a station really soon.  We made it and filled up.  Another blessing!!!

My brand spanking new phone hadn't worked for 24 hours.  WHY???  Well the mall wasn't cooperative with Bugz and Pete.  I couldn't park and get out with the monsoon.  We had to leave and go to an AT&T that we could jump out and not get soaked by the monsoon.  The darned thing started working as I pulled in the parking lot!  REALLY!!  Yet, another blessing!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Days of School Journal Topics and Warm Ups

Reward Day - Chad and I
First Days of School Journal Topics and Warm Ups
Some interesting questions that can be posed on information sheets for those first days.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Scrappin' Sistas - BFF - SIL - ME

Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas was FANTASTIC!!!!
WAHOO!!  I went with my SIL and BFF!  We shopped until we dropped and then at the hotel we PJ partied!  What an event for sure.  I am not used to a girls rule vacation.  I live and breath boys . . . 2 boys . . . a brother  . . . and Dh.  I mean, come on.  What do you expect?
Pappasito's in Arlington, TX
Dallas Cowboy's Stadium


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wow! Was it time or what?

The boys have grown so much since I have last posted!
Chad is now 21 nearly 22 and Bug just made 10 years old! Wow!

Chad is nearly completed his 2nd semester at our local college while Bug is now in 4th grade. Chad is really enjoying his art elective - photography. We purchased him an old 1978 camera and he is working primarily in black and white. The class is for manual cameras only and we got this one with several lens for only $60 at a flea market.

We have been busy building a patio, cleaning up everything to be able to put up a tree this week. We still need to complete the back end of the house from Hurricane Gustav. Carroll is waiting for some siding to come in. He wants to rent the scaffolding for a weekend and do the plywood and siding together. We are working on our side wall as well that was damaged by bees. We even got some more flooring for the front bathroom that was messed up as well.

Bug still has issues with his allergies. He has a really bad case of hives. His cream and benadryl isn't working so well right now. We also visit the urologist Wednesday. We have been so careful with all of his allergies I am not sure what is giving him his hives.

Carroll is working everyday at the jail right now but no prisoners for quite some time still. There is so much damage at the jail and each company has to work in the jail but can't all at the same time. He has gigs every weekend in December.

Pete, my brother, is doing so much better after his fall. He had stitches in his lip and still having trouble with his teeth. He has learned how to check football scores online and upcoming games. He is thinking about getting his email back up and running. I think he is getting computer savvy that he may be able to do that.

I have been busy as well. I actually made 3 pies this week and quite excited on how well they came out and how much my family has enjoyed them as well. Chad did make the top crusts for me. The pies were pretty much Chad, Bug, and I as a "momma and boys" project. My MIL and my sister both enjoyed the pies, too. Making the pies made me feel closer to my momma, too. We used to help her make pies. I miss her so much. We even brought dad a slice of blueberry pie. He really enjoyed it. The pies were made with granulated splenda so I could eat it as well. We even looked for and found pies that were "Bug Friendly" as well. Now health wise I still have too many issues for being only 43. I had my first pair of glasses in September. I am having issues with my face going numb and hard. We are trying some things to try and figure all of these symptoms out.

I hope your holiday season has been AWESOME and the coming holidays are even brighter.

Love to all!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

School - But No Fall Weather

It has been stifling hot. Our temperatures have reached in excess of 115 degrees. I am on duty for 1 1/2 hours each day for lunch. Sunglasses and 3 bottles of water are both necessary in this heat. Many days we end up in the gym as it is too hot for the kids.

School has started and already in the 3rd week already. Next week is open house. It is a very interesting year already. This is the 1st year I am a reading interventionist. I am enjoying this new position. There are so many changes in my routine but still getting used to it.

Bug is in the 3rd grade ..... we are just getting older and older. He is already in full swing with tests and all. For lunch Bug has been getting soy milk now and enjoying this new addition to his lunch. He is so excited and feels so normal now. I am so excited for him. He is getting so tall and losing the "baby boy" look.

Soccer season begins soon. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Bug and I also LOVE pumpkin season. We love searching for the BEST pumpkin ever. We don't always decorate it. The hunt is the fun for us. We do have some strange looking watermelons, too. Bug is the silliest boy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

23 Years sounds like a long time

but with my husband it has been 23 long years of so much adventure and happiness. We are very spontaneous and still very much enjoy being with each other. We travel, camp, 2nd hand shop, and follow all of our boys activities.

Carroll loves to DJ and I love to scrapbook. He supports my schooling and I support his training. He is always certifying in something or another with his job as a correctional officer. I have taught for over 12 years. So I earned my Bachelor's and tons of other classes while married. I am now getting my Master's and a Reading Certification in December. I am only 6 hours from a Master's plus 30.

We watch our boys dance, laugh, play ball, watch them in plays, fish, swim, scuba dive, and even sleep. We have followed Chad across the country to his different army stations.

We love to watch movies and eat out. Sometimes we just ride around so we can chat and be alone together. Every afternoon we can we send the boys to walk the dog or ride their bikes just to spend time together. We laugh and giggle so much. When I need to cry I know he will be there. If I am changing classrooms or schools, he always helps me set up.

Ohhh and the back rubs are worth their weight in gold. We cook for each other. Whoever has the less amount of work or the most rested, cooks. But then there is the once every year or so we started to run off for the evening or the weekend. Boy those are such NICE weekends!! Even 4th of July fireworks with Carroll are more magical. So car shopping, weekend getaways, Native American dancing, or even sneaking away for a snowball ...... it really doesn't matter what Carroll or I do, we always seem to find happiness and love.